• Simple, Clean, Intuitive
    Simple, Clean, Intuitive

    Do more. Click less. We have built our system for you to get work done, not get frustrated with interfaces.

  • Vendors, Website & Forms
    Vendors, Website & Forms

    Receive data from anywhere and send it instantly to your dialer,

  • Security

    Simple security & role settings. Lock down your Call Center in a couple clicks.

TLD CRM is a SaaS (Software as a Service) mobile friendly platform that only requires an internet connected device to use.
  • Integrated VOIP System
  • Built-in compatibility with both Genesis and Five 9 progressive (automated) dialers
  • Real time reporting on your call center activity
  • Email module for automated email drip campaigns
  • SMS marketing module.
  • Full API integration with top lead vendors for automatic lead downloads and posting

For information contact:

Gregory Conroy

Esotech Office 888-646-9653 x1


Here you can find guides and answers to questions regarding the setup and usage of your system.

Patch 4.80


Call Detail Records (CDR) report now shows its intended data: a log of calls. Talk Time report added and shows what CDR once did, with more reliable results. Recordings section should now allow... READ MORE

Auto-Recording & Caller ID Passthrough


As of today, we now offer the following new features for our phone system: Auto-recording (on agent pick-up) of calls to queues (hunt/ring groups). Caller ID passthrough for our relatively new Attended Transfer... READ MORE

Patch 4.75


Relays You can now see your Relays under Settings -> Relays, Relay Logs and Relay Mappings You can not edit active relays unless deactivating You can not add active relays, it will default to inactive... READ MORE